The R&D project Flood-serv aims to prevent the floods’ disastrous effects through social networks and smart technologies. SIVECO Romania is the project’s coordinator at European level.

Floods produce human tragedies and huge economic loss, having at the same time serious and irreversible consequences for the environment.

The entire Europe is facing natural disasters of outstanding scale.

  • According to public data, in Romania, floods and storms have recently resulted in a loss of 76 lives and caused at least 1.66 billion Euros damage (meaning the equivalent of 2.1% from Romania’s GNP). They have affected about 656,392 ha agricultural lands, 10,420 km of roads, 23.8 km of railways, 9,113 bridges and foot bridges and contaminated 90,394 wells. The Danube Delta, a special habitat, is especially affected by floods. Here theweather phenomena and human actions have produced over the past century significant changes to ecosystems and to the area’s morphology.
  • In Italy, since 1944 until now, the estimated cost of the damages produced as a result of earthquakes, landslides and flooding amounts to 242.5 billion euro (approximately 3.5 billion per year). 82% of the municipalities in the peninsula are exposed to hydrologic risk and over 5,700,000 people live in areas with potential flood risk.
  • Slovakia was faced with 599 floods, just in the first ten months of 2014.
  • In the Iberian Peninsula too, floods have had considerable impact on people’s lives and properties. In Spain have been identified 1,398 places where major floods take place periodically. The Portuguese hydrographical network, composed of 12 rivers shared with Spain in the West, has the same high risk of calamity.

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