20 February, 2014


TourKhana: when tourism becomes adventure thanks to technology

Imagine yourself walking along a street of a rich cultural heritage city. You are a tourist eager for new and exciting experiences in a foreign culture. Wouldn’t it be exciting to get involved in a passionate adventure immerse in the scenarios you want to visit? sharing time, space and facts happened long time ago with lengendary inhabitants of the city? and what if, at the same time, you learn about the history and cultural heritage of the city? Well, that’s what Answare’s technology brings to the stakeholders interested in the exploitation of touristic resources.

TourKhana is a blend of today’s hot technologies: mobile applications for smartphones, augmented reality, location based services and 3D graphics. The application offers the visitor several routes to visit and guides him along the chosen route. Each route encloses a story and challenge  that the visitor must resolve through a series of milestones where minor challenges are proposed for the visitor to collect clues. The milestones are related to the most significant elements and characters of the cultural heritage of the city and rich multimedia information is delivered to the visitor all along the route.

Besides multimedia information, TourKhana includes an augmented reality interface for obtaining directly through the smartphone camera visual information about the surrounding objects and buildings. Furthermore, the application allows the user to download 3D models of the objects or buildings either for getting clues or just to know how the monuments looked like at the time of the story .

Local businesses like coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. can play their part in the game by providing clues to the visitors thereby taking benefit of the system.