24 February, 2014


Answare offers its customers Customized Software Development and Innovation Consultancy Services. In both cases our customers have learnt that their choice led them to success in complex critical projects and at the time of jumping into a new Innovation dimension for their companies.

Answare goal is to give a quickly response to the growing needs of technology transfer and consultant by the industry and provide innovative solutions that create competitive benefits for small and medium enterprises. AnswareTech intends to export the experience gained in projects implemented in the Aerospace and Telecommunications sectors to other sectors where acquired knowledge can be useful.

Answare is currently involved in R & D projects at national and European level. Answare is a member of the European Technological Platform NESSI ( Software platform & services) and SME Working group of NESSI . He is also a member of the Spanish technological platform PLANETIC ( Spanish Technology Platform for the adoption and diffusion of electronic technologies , information and communication).